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I started this blog in November 2009 to record my journey back to health and fitness. I need to lose weight but as I am fairly fit (and I believe fat does not necessarily mean unfit) my main thrust now is to settle myself into a routine of healthy eating and enjoyable exercise that will sustain me into old age.

I hope you comment if you want to and that you gain something from reading of my trials and tribulations
Sharyn xx

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another month gone

Well February seems to have disappeared without me achieving very much. To be fair I have had a horrid cold and felt below par for about 3 weeks. That finally seems to have passed, thankfully.

My weight is still a major issue and I have been overeating this week too.


I am going to make some major changes to my routine as I think a good shake up is what is needed.

My new plan is to get up early (6am) and study for an hour or two before work.
I will go to the gym after work 3 times a week. I prefer early morning exercise but I also prefer early morning study! I used to belong to a gym that didn't open early so spent several years going straight from work and getting homme after 8pm.

I am also hoping that exercising in the evening will mean I eat less for supper, sleep better and therefore lose weight and feel healthier.

My husband is in agreement and will feed himself on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (he already does this on Friday as he goes to Scouts and has to leave before 6).

I hope that my end of March post will have something positive to report. If not I shall close this blog as it is not fulfilling its purpose of motivating and inspiring me.

Thank you to those of you who read it. I appreciate your comments.

Friday, 12 February 2010


I am off sick today - felt awful first thing this morning - couldn't speak and my balance was all over the place. I didn't feel safe to drive so I stayed at home.

Luckily I have decided to go to Taunton by train tomorrow as I don't think my head will be up to the drive - and certainly not the return journey after 5 hours of history tutorial :-)

A lazy day today and hopefully a good night's sleep and I should feel better tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


The weather has taken a turn towards the chilly side again and I seem to have caught my boss's cold. I am hoping it won't hang around as I have an OU tutorial on Saturday and certainly need to be clear headed for that.

Looks as though I shall miss the gym tomorrow though. I can't seem to get into a proper routine - and that is what I need.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Trainer Day

Tuesday is early start day. I have to be in the gym for 6:30. Mark is rarely on time but as it doesn't open until 6:30 I have to run upstairs to get rid of my bag and sort myself out. We usually run overtime and I do get my full hour.

Today I was weighed and my body fat measured. 103kgs and some horrendous body fat figure which is double the recommended levels for women. I've got some work to do to reduce that!

I have been hungry and tired today and have hoovered up the things I no longer want in my diet. So although my eating has not been as I would want I have rid myself of temptation. Onwards and downwards :)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

It's my birthday today

I have had a lovely day today. I opened my lovely presents in bed with a cup of tea. Then we had breakfast and headed off for the beach at Perranporth.

Rod flew his kite while I paddled wearing my new purple wellies and we had a carvery lunch in the beach bar.


Another walk on the beach after lunch watching the rollers.

Rod found a length of washed up rope and made a heart out of it. He is such a softy :)

Tomorrow I start my real push to lose weight and get fit. I am doing well with my gym visits but I am tired and hungry. I think that the gym routine is the most important focus and I will work on cutting back on calories when my routine is more established.

Weekly sessions with Mark my PT are going well.

I am making some interesting meals and eating healthy food again. My body thanks me for it.

Here are pics of a few of the recent offerings.

Breakfast of chopped apple, grapes and natural yogurt with vanilla whey protein.

M&S Fuller Longer noodles with chicken and edamame - lovely range but too expensive for every day. I bought this on the £1 introductory offer.

Another breakfast - soda bread from the Farmers' Market with mixed berry jam and Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself Greek Yogurt.

If I buy the white soda bread it's like having a cream tea for breakfast :)

I have several recipes for tortillas that include cooked pasta instead of potatoes and I have wanted to make one for ages.

So I cooked too much fresh tagliatelle with a plan to make a tortilla the next night. This is it in the pan, cooking. Onions, red peppers, asparagus (also leftover from the previous night) and slices of quorn sausage that I browned before adding the veggies to soften before adding the pasta and egg mix.

And this is it cooked and served with a small mixed salad of leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot.

It was delicious.

What a long post - I need to update a couple of times a week at least but life is busy. New OU course starts for real this week and 4 or 5 gym trips a week alongside a full time job means I am a busy lady. Long may it continue.