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I started this blog in November 2009 to record my journey back to health and fitness. I need to lose weight but as I am fairly fit (and I believe fat does not necessarily mean unfit) my main thrust now is to settle myself into a routine of healthy eating and enjoyable exercise that will sustain me into old age.

I hope you comment if you want to and that you gain something from reading of my trials and tribulations
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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I've been nagged!

I ask people to follow my blog and then I stop posting.

Being snowed in for 3 days was fun for 1 day. Then I got twitchy and wanted to go to the gym, to work, to the shops. Anywhere but stay at home.

We had some lovely meals using the slow cooker, gave food parcels to neighbours from my well stocked store cupboards and had some lovely walks in the fields. But it was still like being in a prison. Cars abandoned all over the place and the police asking us not to move our vehicles. Crazy situation.

Back into a good routine now of 4 days a week at the gym and healthy eating. Portion sizes are too big but that is being worked on too. My trainer is working with me on progressive workouts to keep me challenged. OU starts soon to exercise the brain cell. I am feeling happier than I have for a long long time.

I tried an M&S Fuller Longer meal for lunch today. It was delicious and healthy. But I wouldn't pay full price for it for a lunch :-( Photo to follow.

I have stopped gaining weight and started to lose. Long may it continue.

Thanks for the nag Pam x

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