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I started this blog in November 2009 to record my journey back to health and fitness. I need to lose weight but as I am fairly fit (and I believe fat does not necessarily mean unfit) my main thrust now is to settle myself into a routine of healthy eating and enjoyable exercise that will sustain me into old age.

I hope you comment if you want to and that you gain something from reading of my trials and tribulations
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Day 4 of new routine and I hit the stop button instead of the snooze button! OOPS!!! But I was tired so I am not too cross. I can't lie in bed after I wake up so it was a necessary snooze :-)

Yesterday was good - I made it to the gym and studied in the morning and lunchtime.

But I broke a tooth (on a flapjack!) and will miss my lunch break today as I have an emergency dental appointment. No doubt my wallet will be a lot lighter by this evening.

Busy day ahead but I think the food will be OK as it is usually soup or a smoothie after a filling.

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